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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Monday Recap...

Poker is a bitch.

If you can't take the bad beats, then don't play the game. It's part of it. Just like throwing inside on a 3-0 count (on purpose) or intentionally fouling a slasher on the way to an easy layup. It's just part of the game.

So a simple 16 player tournament...I'm surviving, playing my usual passive aggressive type of strategy. It gets to 7 players, top 4 pay. I get a raise to me and I'm holding pocket aces. I want to strategically get all of my money in the pot, so I raise it up 1.5 what was just raised me. The person next to me goes all in, followed by the original raiser going all in. Cards are flipped, they both have A-K. FANTASTIC! They only have the opportunity to split if 2 kings or a straight comes.

No straight came.

The only damn 2 kings in the deck came to split and crack my aces.

It was like I saw a UFO.

So I put that aside...put poker aside, tommorow and lets talk sports.

NHL Final Game 1: Apparenly the Edmonton Oilers goalie has been injured (Dwayne Roloson), then the back-up goalie Ty Conklin botched an encounter behind the net handing the Canes the victory.

Sounds like a mild form of the Bill Buckner disease.

Bonds hits 716, glad it took him a little less time to get to 716 than it did to 715. And to stay with that, I'm glad Sal Pal Antonio wasn't there to cover Bonds. Thank god Sportscenter found something new to talk about.

Well, Sal was there for Michelle Wie. Wie must learn how to close. I don't care how well you shoot in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds. When the going gets tough, your "tough" must get going. The reason Tiger wins all the tournaments he does is because he is mentally tough. Win a women's tourney, or 2...or 10, and then compete against the men.

Baseball boxscores can be caught here.

Brandon Webb loses his scoreless inning streak at 30 innings pitch. Pretty impressive. He's still 8-0 as he recorded the ND in the 4-3 loss to the Phils (my pick to win the NL East). Sporer over at Baseball by Paul called Webb to win the Cy Young before the season started. Not too shabby. I was wondering to myself, who the hell plays for the Diamondbacks, and why are they so good. Sounds like a separate blog posting if you ask me.

The Griffey of Old is back, hit 2 home-runs (one in 9th inning dramatic fashion) to beat the Cards. That means he should be injured in 7-10 days. Trade him. Cards are still putting up runs (through 2 games) without Pujols.

The LASTros (no typo) almost were no hit by Carlos Zambrano. The Rocket doesn't bring fuel to heat up the bats...that's for sure. Zambrano did them dirty by driving in 4 runs. Wow, a pitcher drove in 4 runs against the Astros 2 games in a row.

Yankees clobber the Red Sox 13-5. If Beckett's curve ball isnt dropping off a table and he has to rely on his fastball, which is straight as an arrow, then he's going to have problems. And those problems will be magnified when you play the Yankees.

Jeff Francouer took a walk today. I don't believe it.


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glad to see you back, keep up the good takes and stop the bad beats

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