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Thursday, April 27, 2006

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The article about losers chances of winning can be found at . I'll be contributing to them most likely in the future. It's the first step people.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Women and Local News

For my class, we are doing a study about women and the local news. Fun...I know. But our group did a "man-on-the-street" type of thing and asked UT students what they thought of the local news. Just got finished editing it all together, enjoy!

UT Students opinon on Local News

The Losers chances of Winning

It is a catastrophe that in professional sports a non-winning record can set the table for a legitimate shot at a world title.
In baseball, it has come close (see 2005 San Diego Padres, 1973 NY Mets). In the NFL, only two .500 teams have made the playoffs since 1991 (1991 NYJ, 2004 STL). In the NBA however, it has been the norm to find teams with a losing record compete in late April and into May.
Below, a table of the number of .500 win percentage teams, the number of first round games they have won, and the number of series they have gone on to win.

[Graphic that is explained below]

Parody just hasn’t existed in the NBA playoffs. These 15 teams in the last 10 years have combined to win just 12 playoff games, and have never advanced. In 2004, four teams in the East had the shot and surely one could pull the upset? Not even the four vs. five could do it.
The last time a team with a losing record entered the playoffs and won a series was 1988. Then, the Seattle Supersonics boasted a 39-43 record as the 7-seed, and made it all the way to the conference finals. They upset both Dallas and Houston, before being swept by Pat Riley’s Los Angeles Lakers. Since Seattle, a total of 31 teams have entered the playoffs with a record at or below .500. And these teams are 0-31 in playoff series.
So how good of chances do Milwaukee (40-42), Chicago (41-41) and Indiana (41-41) have this year? I’m not going to say none, because that’s why they play the games, but let’s delve into these match-ups.

(1) Detroit vs. (8) Milwaukee
One-seeds haven’t loss since 1999. But there was a technicality about that year. First, 1999 was the NBA lockout year, and only 50 regular season games were played. Second, three other teams had the same 33-17 record but Miami won by tiebreaker.
In a full 82-game season, it was the 1994 Denver Nuggets who upset the top-seeded Supersonics to advance to the second round.
With Flip Saunders at the helm, we’ve seen the Pistons play looser offensively, but still maintaining impressive defense leading them to their best regular season record (64-18) ever. Don’t worry about the nonsense about Ben Wallace not getting along with Flip, this team is focused when it comes to the playoffs.
Having said this, Milwaukee has their hands full. Let’s just look at player vs. player matchups.

[graphic that says everything is Detroit advantage]

Billups will substitute size for speed, and can dominate Ford. Hamilton is a workhorse. Prince is undoubtedly better than Simmons. And I’ll just point out the experience from the frontcourt to suffice my argument for the Wallace’s.
To make matters worse, the only type of success they had against Detroit was when they played Toni Kukoc at the three. Kukoc is already banged up and will miss the first game, so is health will be a definite factor.
Prediction: Pistons in a sweep

(2) Miami vs. (7) Chicago
Chicago is the hottest of the East’s bottom-3, finishing 12-2 in their final 14 to slip into the show. They had a similar run in the last month of the season last year, winning 15 of their last 19 games. The Bulls only win against the Heat in the regular season came back on April 15, when the Heat rested most of their stars.
In the playoffs, it comes down to defense and though the “Baby Bulls” are young, they do buckle down, leading the NBA for the second straight season in defensive field-goal percentage (.426).
Offensively, the Bulls patented “drive-and-kick” out game has given opposing teams a hard time. Ben Gordon ranks 2nd in the Eastern Conference hitting 43.9-percent from 3-point land, and point-guard Kirk Hinrich has shot 42.9-percent from behind the arc in his last five games.
Although the Heat have been locked into the No. 2 spot since basically January, I don’t see them having trouble kicking into high gear. Even when the Bulls shut down Wade in their meetings this year (12.3 ppg), the Heat have found a way to win.
The Bulls have no answer for Shaq, who had 14-points and 6-rebounds in just 20 minutes of action on April 15.
Prediction: Heat in 5

(3) New Jersey vs. (6) Indiana
This might very well be the best shot for a team at the .500 mark in the regular season to win a series. The Nets came from the weak Atlantic Division who sent no other teams beside themselves to the playoffs. The two teams have similar defensive work ethics, as they are 5th and 6th in points allowed respectively in the NBA. The interesting thing about this series is the way they view each other. New Jersey players have said the Pacers are a good transition and look to slow it down, while Indiana players have said the exact same thing about the Nets! Wow, this should be a fun series to watch!
Jermaine O’ Neal looks to be healthy into the playoffs, having played 30-plus minutes in his final 11 regular season games, but I don’t foresee him being the difference. The difference must come from the defense side of the ball, in particular, the ability to stop Vince Carter.
Peja Stojakovic and Stephen Jackson must play top-notch to pull the upset.
I have a feeling this series will go seven. The Nets were 29-12 at home, fourth-best home record in the Eastern conference, so that’s the way I lean.
Prediction: Nets in 7


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Best Female Boxer Ever?

I did a documentary/feature on Ann Wolfe. It really is an inspiring story of an athlete who's father was murdered and her mother died of cancer, who over came this plus being hit by 2 cars to be arguably the best female boxer ever.

Ann Wolfe - Overcoming all Odds


Monday, April 17, 2006


Quote for life/sports:
"The trouble with you is the trouble with me. You've got two good eyes but you still don't see...."
-- Grateful Dead, "Casey Jones"

1) Buehrle fined for Tarp sliding - In the White Sox rain delay, pitcher Mark Buehrle ran onto the field and slid head first over the tarp. Well, that warrants a fine nowadays. According to blog-column, they used to always do this.

2)Hot Tiger news - Chris Shelton is on Fire...9 Home runs now through 13 games! Just to think that Shelton was a rule 5 pick-up (meaning the Pirates didn't want them on their 40 man roster in 2003 so anyone can pick him up for cheap, cheap, cheap compensation; see Johan Santana also) Fernando Rodney should remain the closer when Todd Jones returns from the DL and rookie sensation Joel Zumaya is the real deal...all at Baseball by Paul

3)Preview the MLB Draft - The 2006 Amateur Baseball draft was supposed to be pitching heavy. Well, some of the big name pitchers have been injured/sucking. Baseball Analysts previews the Draft.

4) Why do teams talk themselves out of Picking VY?? - SI writer Michael Silver posed that question in his article on Friday...and as a Texas homer, I couldnt agree. Screw the proto-typical qb. Who has it. Who gets it done in the clutch?

5)Georgia Offensive Linemen passes out on commode - In a display of public drunkeness, Ian Smith--OL, passed out with his pants around his ankles, this according to a Georgia Blog. I kid you not. Police had to hammer through a door to get to him. Big Boy was drunk.

6)Texas Football gets 19th recruit - According to Burnt Orange Nation Mack signs another one. No other coach in the country has more than 2 already locked up. Brown has 19. Nineteen.

You can always be touched..

Once again, not related to sports, but at times you have to back off and realize that what I just a game. There are stories other than the success of the Pittsburgh Steelers, or the home run records being shattered or a game winning 3 pointer that touch the heart.

I know you most likely do not know Willie Tichenor but this piece of video most likely will touch you in an unthinkable way. I knew Willie, but didn't know Willie but now feel connected to him through the stories his family and friends have told. Although his time was short, it was special. And we honored him today.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Transcript from ESPN Deportes 1260

I did a story this past week about 1260 AM radio going all spanish sports with affiliation to ESPN Deportes. Here's the transcript.

Anchor Intro: Austin ranks 19th in population of Hispanic markets. ESPN decided to run with it…ESPN deportes is coming to town.

RT: Martin Moreno was born in border-town Eagle Pass, Texas…and is a die-hard sports fan.

Sot Moreno: Sports is like music. It’s some peoples only passion. A lot of Hispanics have that same passion.

RT: When ESPN radio announced the first all-sports Spanish talk station in Texas to be located in Austin…he was pumped.

Sot Moreno: I’d listen as often as I could.

reporter: Hispanics in Austin feel the same way

Sot Promotions director ESPN Radio Chris Patin: We’ve had phone calls about when is going to be on the air,its not going to be September, but were streaming it online. But not only from them but also a sponsors stand point. Their excited.

RT: ESPN Austin will host 10 percent of the content. The rest will come from the national network. But ESPN Austin expects big things.

Sot Promotions director Chris Patin: There’s really nothing like this its gonna be big. You see it by just walking the streets of Austin and going to sporting events.

reporter: Come summer…Moreno no longer has to adapt when it comes to sports-radio.

Sot Moreno: Being around Spanish speakers makes me feel at home. Eating Spanish food makes me feel at home. Hearing about Hispanic sports makes me feel at home.

MY opinion: It will be good for the city of Austin. Austin ranks 19th in hispanic population in the US. I know there's tons of fights about illegal immigrants and what-not going on in politics today, but the truth is that in Texas the Hispanics are starting to become 2nd generation. There is alot more money that they can bring into the market and we will see stations like this pop up in alot of different places.

Crazy Busy..

My life is at an all-time craziness. Not only am I backloaded in work...aka 2 papers, a presentation and a 3-5 minute package..but I have the agonizing pain in the back of my mind that I have to get a job sometime soon. So, on the weekends I make stuff for my resume tape...and oh yeah, I try to save my social life. It's hard to realize that I have just 17 days of class left in my entire life. That's scary. Anyways, that's the reason I haven't posted in awhile.

Things I have been thinkging about:

1)LaMarcus is Gone - Who could blame him? He's going to be a top 5 pick and make millions. I have got the priviledge of attending press conferences, asking him questions, and getting to know the guy from a basketball media perspective. He's a personable guy that has a great sense of humor. On the court, he's got a nice jumper but needs to muscle up more. I love the way he runs the court.

2) PJ gone? - This site certainly says he's already made up his mind. Say it ain't so! PJ's stock is high and there have been reports that if he stays he will play the 4, because Kevin Durant (NO.2 high school prospect) is twig like and has no chance at the 4. There's no way PJ play PF in the looks like he should go.

3) 4 minor league pitchers suspended 50 games - Is it funny to me that pitchers were the ones to be caught. One of the pitchers caught was Ryan Rafferty...product of the Woodlands.

4) Yao's hurt - The Rockets must pull a Texans. Try your absolute hardest to lose every single game. Up that lottery status. I smell Yao, lamarcus, tmac?????

Enjoy and comment like usual.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Baseball and Amphetamines

Outside the Lines did an interesting piece on amphetamines last night. Also known as "Greenies", amphetamines is now on the list of banned substances by MLB effective 2006. "Greenies" is basically a form of speed, kind of like ritalin, concerta, or adderall...which Derek Lowe is taking.

Being a college student, I am well aware of the use of adderall as a study stimulator. The pill is widespread, popular, and almost treated as a form of currency. Students who are worn out or who need to "pull an all-nighter" or cram as much information with as little time take these type of pills. So when adderall is scarce among the population...students use all measures possible, including lying.

I've heard students look up the symptoms to adderall. I've seen students tell themself that they have ADD and fool their brain into thinking this. I've seen them go into a doctors office with one get a dying need to adderall.

And they've been successful.

To step back and think about it..these people are kind of sick. To lie, cheat or pull whatever measures to maintain a regular drug habit, and then let the public know about your "Disability"...geez, it absolutely baffles me.

Derek Lowe is on ADD. I'm not saying he's faking the ADD to get the amphetamines...I really don't know his situation. I'm saying that if baseball is going to give a free pass for athletes that are prescibed amphetamines by a doctor, you are going to see an influx of athletes heading to the local pharmacist.

Now put yourself in David the Doctor's shoes, all hypothetically speaking of course.

Say Gary Sheffield, a proclaimed amphetamine user from an interview in 2003, came to ol' David the Doctor and said, "Doc I really need some uppers. How bout I sign a couple balls, hook you up with World Series tickets for your family when the Bombers make it back to win number 27, and you cover me up for being prescribed to adderall. We got a deal?"

Now please tell me Dr. David ain't signing his life away.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Closing College Basketball

Billy Donovan said it perfectly after defeating the UCLA Bruins by 16.

"I sit up here with this trophy and am not sure if we are the best team in the country."

It's like the Kobe Bryant commercial..."Love it for the same reasons you hate it"

Love the madness that led to intriguing sweet 16 game after intriguing sweet 16 game. Love the 14-seed NW State knocking off Iowa. Love the Patriots of George Mason and their incredible final four run.

Hate that the best team doesn't have a national championship.


Bonds and the Syringe

A full day of baseball is under our belt. I didn't realize how much I missed baseball until I watched a total of 9 hours of baseball on television today. Laptop in hand, researching statistics, conjouring analysis of players I've never seen before, and making wild assumptions that will help/hurt my fantasy teams.

However, a single fan, which ultimately created a story has got me pondering at this point in time. A fan at Petco Park tossed a syringe on the field against the San Fransisco Giants in the bottom of the eighth inning.

I have a problem with this.

First of all it's opening day. For one day I wanted to forget the steroid scandal and enjoy America's Game. I wanted the news to be focused on the players and the action on the field. Let MLB's investigators do the dirty work. If indeed the players have used steroids then they are tainting the game and will eventually pay the price. Fans don't need to taint the game by throwing objects on the field to be either a)funny or b)try to make a statement.

Interestingly enough, Barry Bonds has his own show on ESPN, Bonds on Bonds. It appears tonight. I'll try my hardest to avoid this trash.

Readers: I don't want your opinion if Bonds used steroids, rather, I want to know whether you think this type of fan interference is good for the game (statement made by the fans meaning they don't want to tolerate steroids) or my side.

And ok.. I was wrong about UCLA. They didn't show up, UF dominated and played together. Congrats Gators.


Monday, April 03, 2006

No case of the Mondays today...

This might be the best monday in sports...

College Basketball National Championship - a storied program in UCLA" blah blah blah. I'm tired of storylines to games that alot of people don't care about. CBS is losing out on tons of ratings based on the fact that ESPN gave so much love to the ACC/Big 10/Big East and no attention to the SEC and Pac-10. If there was balanced coverage among all conferences, we would actually know the 5 starters on both of these teams. Nevertheless, i'll watch. UCLA plays defense, they should win.

UCLA 65- UF 58

Opening Day - This is why I don't have a case of the mondays...even though today was the hardest day to get out of bed (Daylight savings monday). All hope springs eternal..and today marks the closest teams like Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Florida and Pittsburgh will be to the top of their divisions. Today is fun also for fantasy baseball owners. This and football are the only 2 sports fantasy actually works.

My division winners:
AL East: Yankees
AL Central: Indians
AL West: Angels
Wildcard: Athletics

NL East: Phillies
NL Central: Cardinals
NL West: Giants
Wildcard: Mets


A birthday on 6th street

I've got some video for ya'll. My friend Dan turned 22 and celebrated in grandiose fashion.