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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

VY to the Texans?

On April 28th and 29th, the NFL Draft Class of 2006 will be determined and players 1-thru-Mr. Irrelevant will be determined. Among these to be drafted is a University of Texas hero—Vincent Young.

Over the past weekend…the Longhorn legend didn’t work out with the rest of the quarterbacks, but took the Wonderlich test. The Miami Herald reported VY received a 6. John McClain of the Chronicle cleared it up later.


Is VY that dumb…or is his agent that smart?

Listen to my conspiracy.

So Young is a Houston boy and has made it clear he wants to be a Texan. He’s come to the realization that either the Texans a) can’t pass on Reggie Bush… or b) won’t get one of the teams in the top 5 picks to trade with the Texans in order to take him.

Young, knowing he has lucrative advertising contracts waiting for him, could care less if he gets that couple-extra-million signing bonus. So he informs his agent to circulate a rumor that he bombed his Wunderlich. VY then informs his agent (family friend/school teacher) to tell-all he received a 16.

Now VY’s agent is dumber than VY himself. Major Adams (the agent) spreads the word Young received a 6. This would put Young’s IQ on the level of the monkeys.

Within 24 hours VY is now a top 10 pick…instead of a top-5. And looooooookie here, just coincidentally the Texans now are taking offers to trade their top overall pick.

Why not the Niners? If the Texans traded with the 49ers, picked up an OL, their first rounder and a future first rounder (maybe more) and still got Young at 6…that would be fantastic. You think San Francisco would pass up on an opportunity to keep their USC boy’ at home? Remember…Alex Smith and Reggie Bush were high-school teammates.

The City of Houston wants Vince. The City of Houston needs Vince

It’s all a conspiracy…but it really makes you think.


Monday, February 27, 2006

Adios Olympios

Names you’ve never heard of 3 weeks ago:

Apollo Anton Ohno
Sasha Cohen
Joey Cheek
Chad Hedrick
Shani Davis
Lindsey Jacobellis
Toby Dawson
Seth Wescott

Names you recognize but don’t know where-from...3 months from now:

Apollo Anton Ohno
Sasha Cohen
Joey Cheek
Chad Hedrick
Shani Davis
Lindsey Jacobellis
Toby Dawson
Seth Wescott

Names you’ve never heard of 3 years from now:

Apollo Anton Ohno
Sasha Cohen
Joey Cheek
Chad Hedrick
Shani Davis
Lindsey Jacobellis
Toby Dawson
Seth Wescott

It’s safe to say that I was burnt out from the Olympics far faster than the torch was.

It sucks too, I really tried.

With the sports-world on halt (right after Super Bowl—and before March Madness) there was nothing stopping myself from watching. I have an operating television. I have electricity. I have a sports mind. I have no girlfriend that requires time. I even had 17 bags of microwave popcorn. However, I forgot one thing that I had that would prevent me from watching the games.

My sanity.

The story line from the Olympics is failure. That’s the only thing I liked.

I liked Lindsey Jacobellis falling when trying to showboat on the last jump in the Cross Country Snowboard Event.

I liked Bode Miller going 0-5 in Olympic medals when he considered himself a favorite to medal in all.

I smiled when Sasha Cohen fell to rid herself of the gold. I also smiled when figure skating was compared to Nascar—only being watched to see the falls/crashes

Am I just a mean person or do I like evil.

So long 20th Winter Olympics Games…and DON’T come back now’ ya hear!



Being a connoisseur of sports and sports radio, I’ve done some research on the new craze which is known as podcasting.

Albeit I don’t know much, I know enough to “wow” a few of you out there.

Podcasting (don’t be scared) is the ability to listen or watch a media file, whenever, however and wherever you want.

There are multiple sites that show their podcast. ITUNES is the lead podcast search engine but sites like Odeo and The Podcast Network aren’t too far behind.

So what do you do?

Go to this site. Then download their music store. Trust me. Next search through their podcasts—click ESPN and have your 20-30 minute wrap in sports whenever you want to listen to it on your computer.

If you really like what you see, you can “subscribe” to the feed, which will allow you to automatically download the feed when updated.

In my opinion, the future of pod-casting is very bright, especially with the boom of satellite radio currently happening. Sooner or later, we will be able to subscribe to feeds, which will be connected to satellites which will download straight to the car. You wake up—get dressed—pick the paper from the electronic dog who went outside to get it for you—jump in your car—tune to Sirius satellite channel 11,322—and listen to your favorite podcasts.

When I get a server to put my audio files in. You will hear The Sports Hogwash pod-cast.

I promise it wont be 2012 also.

And for now on...I'll vow to my blog like Babe Ruth vowed to women.

“I'll promise to go easier on drinking and to get to bed earlier, but not for you, fifty thousand dollars, or two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars will I give up women. They're too much fun.” -Babe Ruth-


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Quiky about Ricky

It just doesn't make sense.

Ricky Williams failed his 4th drug test of his NFL career earlier this week, meaning he will miss the entire 2006 season. Reports have come out from anonymous resources saying the failed test has nothing to do with marijuana and nothing to do with steroids. I now will state my case for Ricky.

And no, I'm not a Ricky fan even though I attend the University of Texas.

Ricky Williams is a smart guy. He understands the value of a dollar. He understands that football will allow him to make a lot of green in order for him to live a "green" life later on. He came back for money. He knows he needs more money, not only to pay child support, but to live sufficiently later on. Ricky knows with another failed drug test he would be suspended for an entire year, which would force all teams that had interest, to cease immediately.

When Ricky's mind, body, and spirit breed football...he's a fantastic player. With a pair of 100-yard rushing games at the end of the 2005-2006 NFL season, I believe he enjoyed the game.

Ricky is also weird but still upstanding character. Everyone would agree with this statement if they put aside the fact that marijuana use in this country is illegal. Ricky is a type that if he knowingly was cheating, or if he knowingly smoked pot, or if he knowingly did whatever...he wouldn't appeal his suspension. Instead, he would look inside himself look for inner beauty through his gypsy methods or whatever.

That's just the type of person he is.

There's something not right about this scenario. If it looks fishy, smells fishy, and is fishy (Miami Dolphins), it probably is.

And it helps my claim that an anonymous source inside of the NFL has said that Ricky Williams suspension is a "weird scenario."

An appealed suspension has only been reversed once--and that was for another Miami Dolphin running back--J.J. Johnson.

If the suspension is based on a bogus, 3rd-Level masking agent that can be found in baking soda but is considered cheating, the NFL should consider overruling the suspension.

Ricky Williams is trying. NFL, give him a hand.


Monday, February 20, 2006

Blogging a Disaster

Citizen Journalism at time of disaster may be the most credible form of citizen journalism.

During Hurricane Katrina this country came together and used the internet for useful purposes. Bloggers that remained and stayed safe in the city of New Orleans were the city’s watchdog and only communication people had to talk about their city. These bloggers told people online whether their house was still standing or the extent of damage to a particular neighborhood.

Why is this type of journalism only credible and effective?

Easy…they’re going through the same type of damage as the person reading it.

While other bloggers you start to take their opinion and believe what they are say having read them and gaining their trust over a period of time, disaster bloggers gain instant credibility with the vivid accounts of disaster, their personal feelings, and photos of the event.

It’s weird, everyone is after each other in a dog-eat-dog world. People like bringing each other down, and it’s only natural for people to gossip about everyone else.

But when natural disaster…or any disaster strikes…we come together.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Baylor vs. UT in game

I'm live at the Drum

Rick Barnes is 16-0 all-time against Baylor. Enough said.

I'm looking forward to see how Baylor responds to a 28 point woopin on the hands of the Oklahoma Sooners at Norman. Curtis Jerrells, freshman out of Del Valle High School, in Austin is making his home-coming. Jerrells was rookie of the week averaging 22 over the past 2 games including a 28 point game against OU.

The line (for entertainment purposes) is 26. I'm taking the under as the Horns really dont explode unless there's a big crowd or there's controversy surrounding the game.

Baylor Starts:
Tim Bush 6-6 JR
Tommy Swanson 6-10 SR
Mamadou Diene 7-0 RFR
Aaron Bruce 6-3 SO
Curtis Jerrells 6-1 FR

Texas Starts:
Brad Buckman
LaMarcus Aldridge
Kenton Paulino
Daniel Gibson
PJ Tucker

19:40 3-0 Texas: Gibson starts it off with a 3-pointer on his first shot; If you remember, homeboy had 37 @ Baylor earlier in the year. I dont like it that DGib has gone away from all types of penetration. I'd like to see him bring back that aspect of his game

15:54 10-3 Texas: Horns start out 2/2 3 pointers-- even dispersing scoring; I didnt think this would be much of a game. The only thing lazier than the BU defense is the crowd--where the hell is everyone? This stadium is as empty as my valentine's plans for tonight.

14:38 16-3 The Horns hit back-to-back 3 pointers to extend the lead to 13. Buckman hit a wideopen one as well as Paulino--KP leading all scorers with 6. How bout Baylor gets out of their "zone" and man up--the Horns are hot from the arc.

12:43 20-3 Did I say the Baylor Bears were gonna cover. This is a joke of a game. I don't know if Baylor will reach double digits in the first half. The 1-2-2 trap is killing BU with 5 turnovers in the first 6 minutes.

6:45 28-15 It has been said before, LA is the best player on this team...but PJ Tucker is the MVP of this team. He does so much for this team both tangibly and intangibly. His heart and leadership on the court fires up the rest of his teammates. And the way he can play both big and small makes him the biggest threat on the court. PJ started 4-4 FGs and 2/2 FT's before missing his next 2 jumpers.

5:35 33-17 Connor Atchley is already in. He's our human victory cigar. Barnes is confident.

Halftime BU UT
Rebounds : 13 22
Off RBs : 4 6
Turnovers : 9 6
FG% Baylor: 26 53
3pt FG% : 44 100
Score : 21 45

2nd Half

Let's see how many players finish in double-digits. Even scoring throughout. Who gets double-doubles...will Baylor cover? I've got pride on BU.

15:58 52-29 --Come on Baylor--this is basketball...everyone makes a run. A back and forth 2nd half. LaMarcus is doing the dirty down low. Buckman got in some foul trouble so he's out but one board shy of the double-double. Excellent opportunity for Barnes to get valuable PT for his bench and to try out sets like this would be a practice. Well, this is like practice...isn't it?

13:50 58-32 --Baylor, you're letting me down. Enough of this game...I'm searching through the crowd to find any groups of girls. Group of girls without guys on Valentine's Day = single. I'll get back to you on some results.

11:57 64-40 LA just tipped in his own miss giving him 18 points and 10 rebounds, his 13th double-double of the season which leads the Big XII. I smell LA being a top 3 pick. He will also be rich. I looked around...I only see a rather hefty girl requesting JD Lewis to be her valentine. That girl couldnt get JD Lewis if she had a hundred dollar bill hangin out of her zipper...

8:30 73-46 I'm only blogging to tell you if Baylor covered or not. Since the 12:43 mark in the first half, this has all been a formality. I have spotted Curtis Jerrells parents. Everytime "CJ" makes a bucket they scream really loud. it doesnt matter if they are down 28, they are pumped. I have never seen people in Baylor smile so wide about being down 4 touchdowns. CJ's bucket was an easy deuce also. Ohhhhh the rents.

4:41 82-51 If Connor Atchley looks weak and can't get it done versus Baylor--why have him on scholarship. I'm sure the kid's a great guy, but this is Texas. There are tons of recruits. Atchley in no way plays a meaningful role. He looks weak against weak teams. Do him and yourself a favor Texas, get rid of him. ps: all starters are out now

Final Minutes:LA led all scorers and rebounders 23 and 12; PJ went for 21-6; Buckman had 12 and 11; The Scrubs (bench) came in up 30+ points. The margin of victory wavered between 27 and 31 points in the final minutes of the game.

Remember, the line was 26.

Baylor misses the front end of a 1-1 situation at the :55 second mark...and then a Baylor steal, they're only down 27. Longhorn bettors are killing themselves because BU is now fouling in order to cover. Abrams misses 1 of 2 free throws making the lead 28.. UT wants to cover and are trapping.. intensity with 25 seconds...a 3 off the mark and a BU foul. Atchley makes it 29 and 30 with 2 free throws. Who would of known Atchley put the dagger in my Baylor cover. Baylor makes it interesting hits 3 the hard way.. not enough though.

UT covers 90-63. Damn those linesmakers are smart.

And what a Longhorn sports day for me. I attended the Baseball game--Horns beat UTSA 6-1. Big hitting games from Chais Fuller, Preston Clark and Bradley Suttle. All pitching look good except for the Right-handed street--who is trying a motion similar to his brother Huston. He has no command of any of his pitches.

Tommorow-- softball home-opener--listen via

Valentine's Day

Ok, I'm gonna get off the "Sports" Hogwash for one post...I promise to get back.

Valentine's Day is a Hallmark Holiday that sucks for guys. At this time in the year, single guys are backed into a decision. Do I want to spend the money to take this girl out if I don't really like her? Is time worth the money?

And Valentine's Day comes in a bad part of the year...after Christmas, but not too far after Christman. Let me explain..

It's like a poker game. You enter the pot for a large amount to see the flop (or the future), so you have a vested interest in the hand. The amount you entered maybe a Christmas present or New Year's plans or dates between New Year's and now...whatever. You have to decide at Valentine's day if your hand is good enough to go the rest of the way. Questions like...Am I pot committed (invested too much time/money), is this the right hand (right girl) all come in to question.

You of course don't want to go in with the wrong hand because in the end you will suffer tremendous losses.

It sucks because guys are forced to make this decision while girls just sit back and wait for it. Girls are allowed to take more risks with guys during this time of year because if they know the guy does nothing for Valentine's Day--she can get out quicker than Janet Jackson at a Super Bowl halftime show. (Lame, I know.)

And Valentine's Day is only made for single guys. Married men are supposed to appreciate the other every single day...or in theory.

Do you think valentine's day sucks...I sure do.

Busted up Bode

If Bode Miller is to bag on other athletes, he must back it up in his sport.

Once again, Miller missed an opportunity to do just that

After having a flawless run in the downhill portion of the Alpine Combine (downhill + slalom) in Torino on Tuesday, he ended up straddling over a gate in his slalom run to instantly disqualify him from the entire event.

So I'm guessing he had a couple drinks in between races to "calm" him down.

Miller had more than a second lead going into his run. He need not risk everything but maintain focus on having a clean, smooth run. Instead he continues to embarass himself.

It's one thing to talk smack and back it up (Rasheed Wallace and his guarantees), but its another to go Matt Hasselbeck on us and talk the talk and not even remotely back it up. Bode didnt walk the walk...analogically speaking, Bode Miller can't even stand up.

The only question I want to hear reporters ask this joke is this: "How much did you have to drink before you hit the slopes?"

Ok well I guess I will settle for this one as well: "Yo Bode, what's your tolerance looking like?"

Ok, one more: "Bode...want to grab a beer?"

This guy should vanish from the face of the earth. USA is tired of his alcoholism tainting the country. Media, this guy is not a quote machine. Stop asking him his opinion on the state of american sports. Alpine Skiing is not an american sport, it's an international sport. Let him talk about that.

I care more about Bode Miller's opinion on global warming, abortion, or testicular cancer than about steroids in baseball or cycling.

Ok, I'll allow Bode to get airtime only in one condition.

"Miller" Light must use a play on his name to completely embarass him.

That is all.


Monday, February 13, 2006

Quick hitters

Quick Hits:

Dwayne Wade was disgusting…scoring the final 17 points for the Heat to finish off division rival Detroit (who knows how to play D). The Heat never lead (in the 2nd half) until Wade’s off-balanced jumper over Tayshaun Prince.

San Antonio has won 9 in a row and now have a 40-10 record. Can you say repeat.

Texas Basketball rolled up Nebraska on Saturday. Nebraska kept it close in the 1st half by shooting 50-percent from the floor. Unfortunately the ball wasn’t bouncing the right way in the 2nd half for the Huskers as the Horns rolled. The 2nd half was one of the best halves of basketball UT has played all year. Kenton Paulino had a big game, and perennial possible top-overall-pick in the upcoming NBA Draft had a double-double. Brad Buckman hit 1000 career points being the 26th player in UT history to do that. Start getting scared, Baylor is coming up on Valentines Day.

Texas Baseball went 2-1 at the College Classic in Houston, Texas. The Horns beat UH 3-1 without bringing their sticks (5 hits). Texas tried to lose to Rice…committing a throwing error in the top of the ninth, but a Kyle Russell 2-run pinch walk-off home run got the job done. The sticks were still sleeping Sunday against Tulane, as the Horns fell 4-2 with only 6 hits. Augie’s got to be angry with his team only hitting 249 threw the first 7 games.

Texas Softball went 4-1 over the weekend. The only loss came to No. 5 Arizona. Cat Osterman tossed her 16th and 17th no-hitters in her first two games and on Sunday tossed a 1-hitter on Sunday to improve to 3-0. The addition of a hitting coach has proved valuable for the Lady Horns as they’ve outscored their opponents 24-1. Home-opener 5pm vs SHSU—listen on (I’m the color commentator, unfortunately you have to pay)

Sammy Sosa might retire. “Sammy doesn’t have to beg to play somewhere,” said someone close to Sosa. Well, either tell your boy to start rockin up again or he aint gonna have the opportunity to get in the 600 club. He’s 12 home-runs shy of the coveted mark.

NFC defeated the AFC in the Pro Bowl. Did anyone watch?

Jeff Burton took the pole for the Daytona 500 next week. Jeff Gordon took 2nd. Does anyone care? I want to like NASCAR. I just cant get into it.

Torino 2006

Knock knock

Who’s there?

The Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics who?

No really…the Winter Olympics.

Growing up watching the Olympics…they were a big deal. Athletes were instant celebrities, the nation came together, and the rest of the sports-world was put on halt.

The Olympics are like the drunk girl at the party…yeah, the one that breaks the lamp, has the high-pitch voice, and dances to any/all types of music…you just can’t wait for her to go home.

It’s not like the audience is distracted by anything else. NFL is over…NBA is in their midseason slumber…March Madness is still a month away…hockey?

The TRUTH is that no one likes watching athletes they’ve never heard of compete in sports they’ve never heard of.

Listed below are the 15 events:

Alpine Skiing, Biathalon, Bobsled, Cross-Country, Curling, Figure Skating, Freestyle Skiing, Ice Hockey, Luge, Nordic Combined, Short Track, Skeleton, Ski Jumping, Snowboarding, Speed Skating.

I’ve heard of 11…couldn’t tell you the rules for more than 3 of them…and could careless about any of them.

If NBC wasn’t in trouble, they are now.

Figure skating star Michelle Kwan pulled out after she injured herself. Multiple times has Kwan entered the Olympics as a heavy-favorite but has maintained the ability to stay away from the gold. She is though the best skater of this generation, winner of 43 championships including 5 world and 9 national titles. Also, she’s the only one that anyone has ever heard of.

NBC: You want to get in the booth?

Instead of SOS (Save-our Ship) its SOR—save our ratings!

She declined.

My favorite thing/pun thus far is seeing US speed skater Apollo Anton Ohno (“OHHH-NO!) fall in the semifinals of the 1500 short-track event.

Before analysis of this event, I want to point out that his name is Apollo Anton Ohno. Who names their kid Apollo nowadays? And with any misfortune Apollo has ever had growing likely has resulted in massive…well, insert joke here.

OHH-NOO was in 2nd place with a lap remaining…a comfortable 2nd place might I add, which would advance himself to the finals. Instead of being content…he decided he wanted first (in the heat run) and attempted to make a pass on the outside and OHH-NOO tripped on the Chinese Skater. Simply foolish.

You’re feel good story comes from Chad Hedrick, who is a native of Spring, Texas. He won the first gold for the US on Saturday in a win in the 5,000 meter speed-skating event. Hedrick has an opportunity to attain 5 gold medals.

You’re laugh-out-loud story comes from “Bigmouth” Bode Miller. After calling out Lance Armstrong and Barry Bonds for cheating in their respective sports (no evidence of this ever occurring) and also coming out on 60 Minutes stating his drinking habits, it was finally his turn to shine.

If you were thinking…who is Bode (pronounced Bo-DEE) Miller, you weren’t/aren’t alone. To set the record straight, he’s an Alpine Skier.

Well, Miller finished 5th and was reported to have made costly errors throughout his run. And yes, Miller said he did have a couple beers the night before. Decide what “couple” is for yourself.

Maybe he should have competed drunk.

That would save the ratings. Well, at least I would watch.

Do you care about the Winter Olympics? Let the debate begin..


Preg's Perspective: The Not So-Special Olympics

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Links to Look at:

UT baseball defeated UT-Pan Am 15-2 yesterday. Big win because the Horns were swept versus San Diego over the weekend. Texas scored in the first 5 innings. Horns head to Minute Maid to play Cougar High, Rice and Tulane in the College Classic. We'll find out more about this team when under pressure from two top-12 nationally ranked teams.

UT Women's Basketball dropped their first home game in 31 tries, first loss at Drum since 2001. Aggies thrashed the Horns.. the Ags biggest win in the 5-1-2 in school history.

Milo Hamilton bashin on Harry Caray is actually kind of funny. It seems when people get old they can just say whatever they want. I know they've earned the respect, but geeeeez, Caray is in his grave. How can he defend himself. Chill out Milo.

ESPN announced their new MNF team yesterday. I heard rumors about this last week at my internship but didn't think it was true. Mike Tirico, Joe Theissman and of all people Mr. Tony Kornheiser will be manning the booth. Doesn't Kornheiser go to sleep before the game starts (or so he claims on PTI). Is it just me, or does Theissman's style of calling a game and Kornheiser's witty jokes just don't go together? The legendary Al Michaels is moving to NBC, as reported by ESPN..

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tuesday Prime-time Show

The Tuesday Morning 9-11am block did not make it to podcast. There were errors recording from the studio as well as errors recording from mini to mp3. Nevertheless, the Tuesday Primetime hour with myself as the producer/cohost is available. Enjoy/comments preferred.

Primetime Tuesday

Operation SlapShot

A glove save and a beauty.

Coined “Operation Slap-Shot” by the New Jersey State Police, an undercover gambling ring involving a dozen NHL players, the Coyotes Assistant coach Rick Tochett, and of all people…Wayne Gretzky’s wife was un-covered yesterday.

The charges involve the promotion of a nation-wide gambling ring and money laundering consisting of as many as 1000 wages since 2005 calculating 1.7 million dollars. Reports say no bets were taken involving the game of hockey, but additional investigation is still in process.

When will these athletes ever learn?

If you are being paid by a professional team, don’t gamble—end of story. Pete Rose gambled albeit he did it on baseball, and now he’s not allowed into the baseball hall of fame, even though he is the career leader in base hits. Gambling on sports when employed by a sport job taints your reputation forever.

Janet Jones, Gretzky’s wife, is involved as well. Gretzky himself denies any type of involvement. Now is this just me, or does this not sound right? Being an actress, what does she know about gambling? Why would she risk some of her money—or should we say Gretzky’s money?

Among those involved in placing bets are athletes and celebrities. These type of people know people that are involved in the game. They are likely getting information pertaining to who’s injured, who’s playing good…or who’s throwing the game that night.

Bottom line—stay away from the bookies. Unless you’re in Vegas.

Other notable Gambling Scandals


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tuesday Morning Longhorn Roundup

If you are in the austin area-- 9-11am on 91.7 or if you not in the area click here for the internet-cast.

Podcast will not be available this week.

2:37pm Update--- we will have an editted version of the Longhorn Round-up later in the day. Technical difficulties prevented me from recording the beginning. From 7-8pm on 91.7 in austin or here on the internet is Primetime Tuesday--which I produce and cohost.

Blogs: Your best friend?

So my 2-week anniversary with The Sports Hogwash is tomorrow. I’ve become a part of the blogger-nation which I believe will sweep the world.

You’re laughing?

Well, put all your preconceptions behind and realize a blog is more than an online diary. It’s much more than lil’ Suzie telling you what she had for dinner and who her “flavor of the week” is.

I admit, I was a hater 2-weeks ago. I laughed at my professor when she said, “Once you read an interesting blog…you will follow it religiously.” I’ve seen the light. I sometimes don’t agree with the blogger, but I yearn for the interest they bring.

Blogs are different from journalists at news organizations. News organizations have to deal with libel suits and slandering people’s names if the information reported is not true. News organizations practice objectivity and try to remain ethical

Bloggers being able to be opinionated is our biggest strength.

But how do you know if you can trust a blog?

Analogically speaking, a blog is like a new friend.

Bare with me.

You hang out with him, laugh a little…have a fantastic time. Then this friend hangs around your ex-girlfriend…does he remain strong against her clear passes at him or does he succumb to the power of “the woman”. Are you good enough friends with your blog to trust him when controversy arises?

You’ll know when you can trust your blog.

The SF Gate reported yesterday that Joe Montana did not attend Super Bowl XL’s MVP Ceremony before the game due to a lack of guaranteed money. Joe Montana came on “Quite Frankly” and said it had nothing to do with money. The SF Gate is a news organization so they may have to deal with legal repercussions, however, if this was a blog that you read religiously for 3 years and he said he had a “strong source inside the NFL” that told him this…who would you believe?

Citizen Journalism is interesting.


Monday, February 06, 2006

Guest Blogger

Got an opinion about sports? As ya'll know, I have a strong opinion...but I only blog regularly Monday-Thursday. This opens the door for Friday. Yes..friday Friday FRIDAY YOU can be a columnist for The Sports Hogwash nation.

For more information contact:

Super Bowl XL: Thoughts..

Super Bowl XL was X-tra weak.

The Game: The first half was a snoozer. The Steelers failed to record a first down in the first quarter. Clock management by the Seahawks at the end of the first half was horrendous. Everyone in the entire stadium (except the Seahawk secondary) knew the most exciting play in the game was coming—essentially making it the most predictable play in the game. Both quarterbacks made dumb mistakes. The only people watching the game in the 4th quarter were gamblers who wished to see Seattle cut it to 3 points (TD + 2 point conversion) in order to cover. First time ever in a Super Bowl that a team loss all the statistical categories (Total yards, Time of Possession, Turnovers) but still won the game.

The Refs: Most say the refs were equally as bad as the game itself. I disagree. In my opinion they made only 1.5 bad calls. I don’t have a problem with the reviewed call—there was not indisputable evidence to overturn the call and the original call on the field was a judgment…acceptable. The offensive pass interference in the first half was only half-bad because the ref waited an eternity to make the call. The worse call was after Hasselbeck made the tackle after his interception. Baldy was hit with a blocking below the waste…wait, how can you be blocking if you just made the tackle. This tacked a 15-yard penalty and gave the Steelers comfortable field position…and then the trick play…and then the game is over.

The Commercials: If the game sucks…the commercials will save the show,right? Unfortunately Bud Light, Career and Ameriquest stepped up to the table. Where were Miller Light, Coors Light, Coca Cola and McDonald’s? There were lots of violent commercials but relatively lack of “sex appeal commercials” besides Jessica Simpson with Pizza Hut and the horrific commercial.

Top 5 Commercials
1. Monkeys – What’s there not to love about monkeys burning money and smoking cigars? Absolutely hilarious.
2. Hidden Bud Lights – good acting to begin—just a funny idea to hide Bud Lights around the office—first commercial of the game: left high expectations for the rest—other budlight commercials were funny: The roof commercial
3. Ameriquest Airplane – Big Jolt on plane—everyone wakes up as lady is trying to go to the lavatory. “Don’t judge too quickly”-- Funny
4. Monster “Hummer” Commercial – 2 monsters meet each other—pregnant monster gives birth to a perfect hummer
5. Fed-EX Commercial – A lot of people liked this commercial, I thought it took too long to get in but the ending was funny which warranted this commercial in my top 5

1. Burger King Commercial: you’d expect the King to come with something better than a broadway musical…BORING!
2. Diet Pepsi – Should have stuck with Diet Pepsi Machine being drafted—Jackie Chan and P-Diddy aren’t good celebrities to work with Diet Pepsi Can
3. Leonard Nimoy – I’m not a trekkie, not everyone is…come on—work on it

Watch all the commercials at this site


Overweight Linemen

Football is over..let's examine some of the off-the-field issues.

ESPN reported a study conducted by Scripps that came out last week saying NFL players are dying at an alarming young rate.

The heaviest athletes are more than twice as likely to die before their 50th birthday than their teammates, according to a Scripps Howard News Service study of 3,850 professional-football players who have died in the last century.
This is America, where bigger, is seemingly better.

The land where TV’s are larger than garage doors, houses have their own zip codes, and where you can’t order a hamburger without being coaxed into “Super-Sizing”.

To no surprise, football players are super-sized as well. In fact, should a whole team hit the ground at the same time…it measures three-point-five on the Richter scale.

The NFL has a problem. A BIG problem.

“Nowadays, we have 270 pound running backs and quarterbacks that could switch over and play linebacker,” 11 year former NFL right tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles Jerry Sisemore said. “Linemen are even bigger than that. I don’t know how these guys move anymore.”

Sometimes after games, they can’t move.

This past preseason, the NFL had a big wake up call. After the San Francisco 49ers were defeated by the Denver Broncos, lineman Thomas Herrion collapsed in the locker room, and was later pronounced dead. The cause of death, unknown, but surely a large body could have something to do with it.

How many people have to drop dead in order for a change to be made?

It affects not only the athletes currently playing, but the young and upcoming athletes. Being a football player, whether it be collegiate or professional, has an upside consisting of fame, fortune, and status. Signing a contract or getting a scholarship to school because of body abuse sends the exact wrong message.

And not only does this effect players while playing, the effect of the muscle turned fat, post-stardom is worse. According to Ron Shapiro, pediatrician at St. David’s hospital, obesity causes sleep apnea, pulmonary hypertension, deprivation of oxygen to the brain and all conditions dealing with high cholesterol.

And we forget to mention the stress it causes to the heart.

The world as we know it cannot let NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue hit the snooze button on this issue one more time.

Why not inject a weight limit? Well, that’s just not American, and likely violates all discrimination laws to obese people. The answer lies within the rules.

In the 1970’s the NFL legalized the use of hands to block. This rule allowed heavier, slower, moving players the ability to push, grab and shove other quicker defensive lineman, giving enough time for quarterbacks to throw. Also, larger linemen gain leverage on smaller defensive players, opening up interior holes to run through. As commissioner, limit the use of hands to an extent where it becomes a greater advantage to be light-footed. Teams will force linemen to shrink.

Let the new rule trickle down the system. Linemen in high school will figure out that if they are six-foot five-inches tall, they can be an average weight—or at least a weight that wouldn’t be detrimental to their health—and still accomplish dreams of making it to the league.

Lighter players during the game would also cause less “detox” time for athletes once they hang up the cleats. Surely it would be easier to drop 40 pounds, compared to 80 pounds, in order to get back to a healthy weight.

If Tagliabue continues taking this issue lightly, congress should weigh in on the issue. If they can step in on steroids, and balance out the BCS, why not this? It would be a service not only to participants of football, but the youth of America.

Don’t wait to fix it until it’s too late.


Additional Reading Provided by me:
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Friday, February 03, 2006

More on Super Bowl Commercials..

Cost of the commercials are reported to run around US$ 2.5 million for a 30 second spot.
Budweiser has taken 9-10 spots.
Sprint has 2 spots
Long time loyal GM is in and so is Toyota (reportedly in both English and Spanish)
Godaddy might have a spot or two, including their infamous Window Washer commercial. They actually enjoy getting their commercials rejected as it ends up creating more buzz for them in the online sphere.
Careerbuilder will have a spot with their "I work with Monkeys" commercial. Click here for some outtakes and previews.
Dove is expected to spotlight its real beauty campaign with the primarily drunk and male audience.
Burger King will have a 60 second slot — no clues on how creepy or funny (depending on your point of view) the commercial will be
Emerald Nuts and Ameriquest should have one spot
Insurer Nationwide will have a spot for the first time
Other advertisers include Bayer, Uniliver and FedEx
Visa and McDonalds have skipped the Superbowl for a more global base with the Winter Olympics.
Movie studios have taken up a fair amount of time. Movies like Shaggy Dog, Poseiden, V for Vendetta and 16 Blocks will have their trailors shown.
Cadillac will be going overboard with a huge broadway style production.
Gillette, not happy with Schick"s Quatro four blade razor will be showing off its Fusion, five blade product.
ESPN will be promoting its very own mobile phone in a 60 second spot.

You can download the commercials on monday from this site.

Keep your money in your pocket...sorry to keep you waiting. Super Bowl Preview will be up tommorow.

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Super Bowl XL: The Commercials

So you don’t like football.

There’s no way in hell you would watch Sunday’s game…well, if it wasn’t for that cute boy who's invited you to his Super Bowl watch party. Or in another case…you just don’t want to be “that guy” who doesn’t like sports on the “Biggest Sunday of the Year”.

Alas, a reason to watch Super Bowl XL: the commercials.

A simple 5 category rating-scale will be used to judge the comedy of the commercials. It'll be used to crown the Valedictorian for the Super Bowl Class of 2006.

Rate each: 1-10
1. Shock: A good commercial brings the element that leaves the jaw-dropped and the viewer thinking…”I can’t believe this! A shocking commercial is not predictable and leaves you wanting more.
2. Comedy – The commercial must have comedy. Every other commercial will be don't deviate from the norm. And it can’t be corny comedy…it must be original and have people talking about/wanting to see it over again.
3. Graphic/Sound – Graphics and images play a key role in commercials. If things look funny or if the use of pictures/photoshop makes the commercial better…give this category a high rating. Music and natural sound that is funny adds a superior element as well.
4. Celebrity – Making fun of celebrities is a plus. Last year, they had a parody of the Janet Jackson halftime show in a trial setting that cracked me up. Of course the FCC wouldn’t allow the commercial to be played again. Creativity is a must do dog on the big-dogs.
5. Series – Bud Light mastered this concept back in the day with the Budweiser Frogs. Commercials that continuously hate on the competitor are totally awesome. Companies with one generic commercial for the entire Super Bowl do not get a good rating.

Favorite Past Commerical: Bud Light commercial with 2 men deciding between Bud Light or Toilet Paper---punch line: “PAPER!” All this lacks is a celebrity figure, but is thoroughly made up with other areas.

What’s your fav? And oh yeah…ENJOY THE GAME.

Game Preview coming tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Texas defeats Mizzou

The Horns get a big win on the road in conference play, improving to 6-1 in conference play by defeating Missouri 66-53.

Rick Barnes utilized his bench: Not only does this get the bench guys invaluable conference experience, it gives the Big Three a chance to take a break at times and then be strong in the 2nd half. JD Lewis got a steal, and if he gets in a rhythm, I feel he can be deadly shooting the rock.

P.J. Tucker: Tucker, when inside and when using his body, is the best player on this team. He creates matchup problems like nobody’s business. Despite 4 turnovers (first half), he finished with 20 points-12 rebounds, sparking an early run to create a sizeable lead for the Longhorns

Mike the “Muscle” Williams: In physical games, Williams is a good play. With Mizzou’s post-man weighing in at 275, his big-body has proved to be strong. Having averaged 27 a game in high school, you’d expect him to have more offensive coordination than an emu.

Offensive Woes: The Longhorn offense was out of sync in the first half. When the Tigers are in a (defensive) zone, they fail to penetrate and settle for the three too much. They shot 10/30 in the first half including 4/11 three-pointers. The 2nd half was much better (17/27) and 3/10 three’s.

Defensive Intensity: Rick Barnes, as a coach, is known for his defensive intensity. In the first half the Horns held Missouri to the lowest first half total of the season, 20. The Longhorns capitalized on 6 first half steals, forcing 9 turnovers in the first half. D-Gib is phenomenal on the defensive end. Gardner averages 21.3 ppg, but is held in check to 15 points (8 points in final 5 minutes of chump time)

Turnovers: 10 turnovers in the first half is absolute garbage. A lot better in the second half with only 4 turnovers. Missouri had 7 turnovers in the second half, to go along with the 9 turnovers of the first half.

Final Thoughts: Missouri is a mediocre team. Tonight was a break-out game for P.J. Tucker and was good for the Longhorns because the bench got some P.T. in key situations early when the game was tight. This win was also important because the Horns bounced back with a win after a key loss. After being destroyed by Duke, Texas had a hangover against Tennessee.

Box Score

National Signing Day

This just in: National Signing Day is an official holiday. Students, skip school. Employees, don’t bother coming in. ABC, where’s your morning parade?

It’s an absolute joke the amount of attention high school kids receive for signing a letter of intent. Since when did Harry High-School-Star gain CT (camera-time) by choosing from a trio of hats on national television?

Was it before he made the 5’6, 140 pound linebacker of insert-small-high-school-here whiff at his weak excuse for a juke move? Or was it after Larry Linebacker broke 6’1 Sammy Slowass’s tailbone because the fool ran straight-up with his blazing 5.2 40-speed?

Last year we saw the likes of Ryan Perriloux, Martellus Bennett, and Fred Rouse come on national TV to pick their schools. Only one player this year is leaving Longhorn fans on their toes: Jonas Mouton—highly touted DB.

The world of recruiting, scouting, projecting, reviewing and rating has spread faster than the black plague. And the public has accepted the syndrome. ranks players based on high-school footage which is treated as the gospel.

Companies have even started rating sophomores and juniors in high school. What’s next…clocking a 6-month year-old’s time to the tinker toys?

The Longhorns received 25 recruits listed here.

Five Notables:

Jevan Snead – 6-3, 205: Quarterback: Stephenville High School; good arm, decent speed, can run the Spread Offense
Sergio Kindle – 6-4, 225: Linebacker—comparing to former Longhorn great Jesse Armstead, thought to be better than Derrick Johnson—“5th overall prospect in nation”
Eddie Jones – 6-3, 240: Defensive End – Kilgore, 5-star recruit, 4-7 40-time “25th overall”
Vondrell McGee – 5-10, 190: Running Back – Longview, 4-star recruit: runs 4.4 40-time
Buck Burnette – 6-4, 290: Offensive Line – local-boy from Wimberley High: beginning the next generation for the Texas O-Line

Top 10 Recruiting Classes according to Rivals.Com (as of 1-31-06)
1. Florida
2. Southern Cal
3. Florida State
4. Texas
5. Penn State
6. LSU
7. Notre Dame
8. Georgia
9. Auburn
10. Ohio State

Tuesday Radio Shows

The Tuesday Morning Longhorn Roundup is now available. Yesterday's guest included former first round draft pick of the Longhorns and former NFL veteran Jerry Sisemore to talk about SUPER BOWL XL. The columnist from the Daily Texan was on the show as well.

Download: Tuesday Morning Longhorn Roundup

I engaged in "PrimeTime Tuesday" last night as well. The podcast for this show is downloadable at this site.

If you want previous shows, email me and i can send you a copy via email.

Enjoy! Comments welcome/preferred.